Blackheads are a common problem among young people.

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Author of the article: Demidova Anna Viktorovna

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Blackheads (comedones) form in areas of enlarged pores due to the accumulation of dust particles, cosmetic residues, and dead epidermal cells. They are not only an aesthetic defect. Without proper care, comedones can become inflamed, forming acne.

To successfully combat blackheads, regular washing is not enough. Areas covered with comedones require thorough and deep cleansing. For this purpose, cosmetologists recommend scrubs for blackheads.

Scrub tasks

The main purpose of using these cosmetics is to deeply cleanse contaminated facial pores and remove the upper stratum corneum. The use of scrubs for blackheads helps:

  1. narrowing of pores, normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  2. gently cleansing the top layer, getting rid of comedones and small pimples;
  3. eliminating oily shine;
  4. relieving inflammation;
  5. preparing the skin for further moisturizing and nutrition or hardware procedures.

It is a mistaken belief that only girls with oily skin need to use scrubs for blackheads. The problem of enlarged pores and the appearance of comedones is also relevant for those with normal and even dry skin.

Scrubs for blackheads are usually not intended for daily use. Cosmetologists recommend using them 1-2 times a week for oily skin. Normal and dry facial skin needs cleansing once a week. For sensitive skin, it is important to choose scrubs only with a mild action and containing small abrasive particles.

Reasons why comedones occur

Blackheads or comedones occur when pores become clogged with dirt, dust, sweat and dead skin particles. When the substances clogged in them oxidize, they turn black.

The main reasons why comedones occur:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • unhealthy diet (lots of fatty, sweet, spicy and salty foods) and bad habits;
  • illiterately selected cosmetics or their use for other purposes;
  • insufficient or excessive cleansing of the skin;
  • disturbances in the hormonal system (increased testosterone levels);
  • allergy;
  • climatic conditions;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • stress;
  • reaction to the use of drugs.

How to choose a scrub for blackheads

When choosing a cosmetic product, pay attention to its composition, the type of skin for which it is intended, the brand, user reviews, and independent ratings.

The formula for anti-blackhead scrubs contains the following active ingredients:

  1. exfoliating substances - the most preferable are small particles of natural origin, which do not carry the risk of allergies and will not be traumatic;
  2. absorbents – necessary for absorbing contaminants and deep cleansing enlarged pores;
  3. solvents – weaken intercellular connections for quick and effective removal of accumulations of dirt particles and dead cells;
  4. substances with an antibacterial effect - prevent the development of inflammation and the appearance of extensive acne, to which oily facial skin is especially prone.

Scrubs for comedones also contain acids, extracts of natural oils, zinc gluconate, enzymes, and thermal water. These active components provide additional protection, moisturize and saturate with beneficial elements.

Preparation rules for application to skin

Before applying a store-bought or homemade scrub, you need to prepare your face accordingly:

  1. Clear . Remove makeup, remove impurities.
  2. Steam . Open pores for easier removal of comedones.
  3. Scrub . With clean hands, apply the scrubbing agent to the face, rub in with massage movements for the time specified in the instructions.
  4. Wash . Wash off any remaining product.
  5. Moisturize. Apply cream.

Rating of the best scrubs for blackheads

The best scrubs for blackheads1ZEITUN LULU Pure Radiance 50 ml1 715 ₽
2Scrub with brown sugar and cocoa against blackheads THE SKIN HOUSE 50 g910 ₽
3HOLIKA HOLIKA Pig-nose Clear Black Head Cleansing Sugar Scrub 30 ml650 ₽
4Mizon Special Therapy Honey black sugar scrub1 100 ₽
5Missha Super Aqua Mini Pore Blackhead Clear Stick1 020 ₽
7The Saem Natural Condition Scrub Foam610 ₽
8J:ON Baking Soda Gentle Pore Scrub500 ₽
9PREMIUM Homework VELOR AQUAPEEL 100 ml640 ₽
10Natura Siberica Natura Kamchatka Volcanic active detox150 ₽
11L'Oreal Paris Sugar Cleanser460 ₽
12Clean & Clear daily face scrub for blackheads350 ₽


The scrub, like any other cosmetic product, has its contraindications. In what cases is it prohibited to use it, and in what cases should you be careful:

We recommend: Useful properties, contraindications and methods of applying foot scrub. The best products on the market

  • Sensitive and thin skin. Scrubs contain abrasives that can damage the dermis. Illiterate use of products for this skin type can cause irritation, itching, and redness.
  • Dry skin . This type of skin does not have a protective lipid barrier, which can reduce the aggressive effects of the mechanical action of the scrub. You should choose scrubs that contain oils and other moisturizers.
  • Inflammation, acne. Friction when using a scrub can cause infection to spread across the skin (pimples). Use for inflammation of the skin is contraindicated.
  • Damaged skin (scratches, wounds, bruises) . Using a scrub for damage can cause peeling, itching, rash, burning and hypersensitivity. It is worth waiting for the wounds to heal completely.

In order for a scrub to help get rid of blackheads, you need to choose it wisely, taking into account your skin type and the composition of the product. Using the tips above, you can quickly get rid of blackheads and forget about their existence.

The best scrubs for blackheads

We found out which scrubs were recommended by professional cosmetologists and studied reviews from women who rated the effectiveness of these exfoliating products.

ZEITUN LULU Pure Radiance 50 ml

Rating: 4.9

The leader of the rating is the ZEITUN LULU Pure Radiance mask-scrub with multi-effect. It includes delicate peeling, gentle exfoliation and subsequent care (moisturizing and nutrition). The exfoliating effect and cleansing of blackheads is achieved through the action of scrubbing rice particles. Fruit peeling dissolves dead cells of the top layer, smoothes out uneven surface texture, and gives the face softness and elasticity.

Comprehensive skin care is achieved thanks to papaya enzyme and pink pearl extract. They have a deep cleansing effect, saturate the skin with beneficial minerals and vitamins, tone and prevent the development of inflammatory processes.


  1. provides comprehensive care;
  2. gentle cleansing;
  3. delicate action without injury;
  4. suitable for sensitive areas of the face;
  5. has a pleasant aroma.


  1. high price

Scrub with brown sugar and cocoa against blackheads THE SKIN HOUSE 50 g

Rating: 4.8

The product is from the “delicious” series, based on the action of exfoliating particles of cocoa and brown sugar. The anti-blackhead scrub has received many positive reviews and rightfully takes second place in the rating. The product has a gel structure and acts gently, removing impurities from deep pores.

The composition of the scrub is additionally enriched with flower extracts, including peony, lotus, lily, chrysanthemum, as well as aloe vera, thyme and tomato. Thanks to its rich composition, the product not only cleanses, but also cares for the skin, providing its needs for vitamin A, B, iron, potassium, and calcium.


  1. suitable for oily, normal and combination skin;
  2. eliminates blackheads and sebaceous plugs;
  3. gently exfoliates dead cells;
  4. improves skin color and structure;
  5. saturates cells with oxygen;
  6. tightens pores and normalizes the activity of the sebaceous glands.


  1. Large particles of exfoliating agents do not allow it to be used for cleansing sensitive skin.

HOLIKA HOLIKA Pig-nose Clear Black Head Cleansing Sugar Scrub 30 ml

Rating: 4.7

The anti-blackhead scrub, produced by one of the leaders in the Korean market, has a triple effect: cleansing problem areas, preventing inflammation, smoothing the relief. The product is designed to eliminate comedones on oily and problematic skin.

The cleansing effect is provided by a complex of three main components: pink clay, aloe vera extract and lemon. Deep cleansing of pores opens up oxygen access to cells, removes toxins, and protects against negative external influences. Lemon extract acts as an effective antioxidant, replenishing vitamin C deficiency and preventing premature aging and fading of the skin.


  1. deep cleansing and exfoliation;
  2. delicate texture of the product;
  3. rich natural composition;
  4. prevention of inflammation and acne;
  5. Providing a calming effect on problematic skin prone to inflammation;
  6. gentle cleansing without damaging the skin;
  7. convenient use and original design.


  1. not recommended for normal and dry skin.

Mizon Special Therapy Honey black sugar scrub

Rating: 4.7

This remedy for comedones contains a unique combination of black sugar and honey. The active particles of the sugar component provide deep cleansing, and honey soothes and provides cells with the necessary nutrients. The product is quickly absorbed without leaving a sticky film.

The product also includes a complex of oils - olive, sunflower, mango and grape seed. These components help improve blood microcirculation, prevent inflammation and rashes, and normalize sebum production. The scrubbing procedure with the product ensures smoothness and elasticity.


  1. rapid and deep exfoliation of dead cells;
  2. effective moisturizing and toning of the skin;
  3. prevention of acne;
  4. normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  5. Can be used on all skin types.


  1. Large particles may be rough on sensitive skin.

Missha Super Aqua Mini Pore Blackhead Clear Stick

Rating: 4.7

The product for cleansing the face from blackheads is made in the form of a convenient and compact stick. The exfoliating components are charcoal and apricot kernel powder, which also have a sorbing effect, removing harmful toxins from the body.

Effective removal of dead skin cells helps to smooth the surface, stimulate the growth of new cells, reduce pores and protect against harmful external factors. Pollution and excess sebum are eliminated thanks to the action of mineral water, mint extracts and green algae.


  1. providing a double effect: cleansing and removing harmful particles;
  2. even out skin texture and color;
  3. compact size and ease of use;
  4. delicate action that prevents injury to delicate areas of the face;
  5. Providing a calming effect on skin prone to inflammation;
  6. pleasant aroma.


  1. slight feeling of tightness immediately after application.


Rating: 4.6

The gel scrub is designed to deeply cleanse the upper layers, eliminate blackheads and saturate the skin with substances necessary for its normal functioning. Dead cells and impurities are eliminated using natural microgranules. Noni juice extract provides antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and tonic effects.

The effective formula of the product activates cellular energy, promotes rapid cell regeneration, saturation with oxygen and beneficial microelements. It prepares the skin well for further care procedures and leaves a pleasant feeling of freshness.


  1. delicate structure;
  2. effectiveness in reducing pores and eliminating contaminants;
  3. acceleration of metabolic processes in cells;
  4. convenient compact packaging.


  1. on dry and sensitive skin it can cause allergies and irritation.

The Saem Natural Condition Scrub Foam

Rating: 4.6

We included this product in the list of the best scrubs for blackheads due to its universal action. Foam with a scrubbing effect is used to cleanse all skin types, removing impurities not only from the surface, but also from the deep layers of the skin.

Cleansing particles of the product help regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, absorb excess sebum, reduce pores, relieve inflammation and the feeling of tightness of the skin. Egg white and saponin extracts add freshness and elasticity.


  1. deeply cleanses and tones;
  2. Suitable for washing and cleansing all skin types;
  3. eliminates pollution;
  4. easy to use even outside the home;
  5. foams well and is applied to areas of the face, washed off without a feeling of tightness.


  1. Primarily intended for general skin cleansing.

J:ON Baking Soda Gentle Pore Scrub

Rating: 4.5

The scrub for cleansing and eliminating comedones is released in original convenient packaging and is designed for a deep and gentle effect. We recommend this product because of its combination of two exfoliating elements. These are soda and acids AHA + BHA + PHA.

The product also contains extracts of natural ingredients such as broccoli, rice, papaya, wheat, and corn. Thanks to its rich composition, the scrub can be used not only for cleansing, but also for toning. It provides all the microelements and vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of the skin.


  1. powerful cleansing effect;
  2. promotes overall improvement of skin condition;
  3. has a dense structure that allows the product to be easily applied and keep its shape;
  4. provides quick cleaning and narrowing of pores;
  5. improves and evens out complexion.


  1. burning sensation when using;
  2. difficult to apply and spread over dry skin.


Rating: 4.5

We recommend this product due to its delicate gel structure that provides cleansing and moisturizing at home. Purification is achieved using crushed spherical polymer particles with a smooth surface. The gel effectively removes excess sebaceous gland activity, tightens pores, and prevents the worsening of inflammation and irritation.

Saturation of cells with beneficial minerals and vitamins is achieved by exposure to extracts of diamatous algae, kelp and fucus.


  1. successfully eliminates sebaceous plugs, minor rashes and comedones;
  2. removes toxins and skin metabolic products;
  3. prevents inflammation, irritation and acne;
  4. provides a delicate effect.


  1. not recommended for dry and sensitive skin;
  2. contains a dye in the composition.

Natura Siberica Natura Kamchatka Volcanic active detox

Rating: 4.4

A powerful anti-blackhead scrub based on particles of volcanic lava, bamboo salt and extracts of wild plants from the Kamchatka region. The components of the product are grown on an organic farm. The product effectively exfoliates the skin, controls the production of skin secretions, and restores water balance.

Regular use on oily and problem areas of the face helps improve appearance, impart freshness and elasticity, and prevent rashes and inflammatory processes. The skin restores its natural color and smooth microrelief.


  1. deep cleansing and getting rid of comedones;
  2. narrowing of pores and leveling of relief;
  3. absence of parabens and artificial dyes in the composition;
  4. prevention of oily shine;
  5. ensuring a natural complexion.


  1. risk of developing an allergic reaction when used on dry or sensitive skin.

L'Oreal Paris Sugar Cleanser

Rating: 4.3

This scrub for blackheads is included in the list of the best remedies as one of the classic recipes. The main active component is based on a combination of three types of sugar: brown, yellow and white. This formula, combined with kiwi grains, provides a warming effect and brings a feeling of freshness and purity.

The product also contains other natural ingredients: mint and lemongrass oils. They provide a calming and anti-inflammatory effect, saturate the skin with beneficial microelements, and help protect against external factors.


  1. 100% natural composition;
  2. deep cleansing without traumatizing the skin;
  3. eliminating blackheads and reducing pores;
  4. ensuring the required level of water balance;
  5. convenient for application and rinsing.


  1. Do not use if there are signs of skin inflammation.

Clean & Clear daily face scrub for blackheads

Rating: 4.2

A unique complex with microgranules successfully combats many of the shortcomings of oily and problem skin. Large exfoliating particles quickly remove excess oil, tighten pores, eliminate comedones and small pimples. The active substances in the composition penetrate deep and prevent the risk of acne.

The presence of soothing components in the composition allows us to recommend the product for frequent use on problem areas, especially in adolescence. Can also be used on combination skin.


  1. has an exfoliating effect, tightens pores;
  2. successfully fights rashes;
  3. eliminates impurities and prevents clogging of pores;
  4. easy to apply and wash off without a sticky film effect;
  5. affordable.

How to make a good remedy at home?

The above store-bought products are very effective in the fight for clean pores. But you don’t have to shell out money for such an effect. To achieve this, you can prepare the scrub at home yourself.

With honey and cinnamon

One of the simplest recipes. Cooking instructions:

  1. Sprinkle a tablespoon of chopped cinnamon onto a tablespoon of honey.
  2. Mix.
  3. Ready.

Cinnamon sticks should first be mashed with a spoon or chopped with a knife.

It is recommended to wash off this scrub with cold water.

Using salt and soda

This recipe is suitable for oily skin. Baking soda softens the dermis, and salt draws out and removes impurities. Cooking method:

  1. Pour ½ tbsp into a tablespoon of soda. l. oil (olive, castor, argan or flaxseed).
  2. Mix.
  3. Add 1 tbsp. l. coarse sea salt.
  4. Mix.

It is recommended to apply this product with massage movements to problem areas of the face and leave for several minutes.

From coffee and oatmeal

Caffeine improves blood circulation in the skin , and oatmeal improves complexion and tones the dermis. Cooking method:

  1. Mix one tablespoon of coffee grounds in equal proportions with heavy cream.
  2. Add 2 tbsp. l. oatmeal.
  3. Mix.

This scrub should be left on problem areas for 5-7 minutes and then washed off.

Appearance and description

The product comes in a package made of dense, but at the same time soft plastic. It will not be difficult to squeeze out every last drop from such a package. The packaging itself is made in soft pink with white stripes, blue inscriptions, as if handwritten, and black font. It looks very nice and beautiful.

The inscription “stop acne deep cleansing complex” is very interesting; a similar style can be found on Vichy packaging. As they say, they didn’t steal, but took the best

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