TOP anti-cellulite creams
Burn fat without leaving a trace: top 7 effective anti-cellulite creams in 2022
Every woman wants to be slim and have perfect skin. Active lifestyle and proper
Bodyaga masks: folk wisdom in modern cosmetology
Nowadays, many different salon procedures and products have been created to help fight skin imperfections. But
Your own cosmetologist: basic procedures at home
Read in this article: Advantages of home hardware cosmetology Contraindications to procedures Facial care
15 homemade face masks that replace salon treatments
How to understand that your skin is dry To accurately identify your skin type, you should contact a dermatologist-cosmetologist.
Facial problems
Homemade masks for acne and blackheads: tips and recipes
Homemade masks are a budget-friendly and effective remedy for acne and blackheads. They are not
Starch mask for the skin around the eyes
Anti-aging facial masks: 19 best recipes
In this article we will talk about how starch is used to prepare cosmetic compositions. AND
Benefits of vitamins and minerals for skin
Vitamins for the skin: how can you pamper your body?
Antioxidants Lipoic acid is an antioxidant, plays an important role in the body’s energy balance, fat regulation
Eye burns - causes and treatment
First aid for burns with liquid nitrogen, prevention
Eye burns can result in both physical (high temperature, penetrating radiation, intense light radiation
At what age may a woman need facial rejuvenation?
When does the need for facial rejuvenation arise? Scientists have proven that the human body develops up to 25-30
Homemade cosmetics
12 best Chinese face masks, reviews of fabric ones
Today, Chinese face masks have migrated into the cosmetic bags of Russian women, because in the vast stores
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