Peeling skin: causes and effective methods of combating

Last update: 03/03/2021

Healthy and well-groomed skin is the basis of natural beauty, which cannot be replaced by expensive jewelry or makeup. Unfortunately, bad weather, the aggressive environment of a big city, poor lifestyle and illness have a detrimental effect on the way we look.

Peeling skin is one of the most common irritations. And peeling of the skin on the face is something that we encounter at a very early age.

External causes of skin peeling:

  • Peeling of the skin on the face appears especially often in winter - from cold, wind, and frequent contact with hot water. In addition, when the heating is turned on, the air in the room becomes dry and dries out the skin.
  • Also in winter we become extremely sensitive to water-based cosmetics. In the cold, water particles freeze directly in our skin, destroying it. Pay more attention to nourishing your skin - don’t forget about a rich cream before going outside, be sure to wear gloves, but don’t wrap yourself completely in a scarf - the same water crystals form on it from breathing.
  • In the summer, the skin is dried out by ultraviolet rays and frequent contact with cold water. All this also leads to peeling of the skin. Don't forget to use moisturizer after sunbathing!
  • Peeling is often caused by contact with synthetic or harsh materials that irritate sensitive skin.
  • Peeling of facial skin can occur due to improper care. This can often be avoided by following good hygiene standards - cleansing and moisturizing the skin before applying cosmetics and after removing them.

Beauty recipes and folk remedies

Traditional medicine will help you get rid of peeling skin on your face and prevent this process in advance. Before you start applying the mask to your face, your skin should be prepared. First you need to wash off all cosmetics, including creams.

Then you need to steam your face so that the pores on the skin open as much as possible to absorb the components that the mask offers. To do this, you need to hold your face in hot steam for 5-10 minutes. But you should be careful not to burn yourself; the temperature from the steam of boiling water is the same as in the boiling water itself.

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Carrot mask

Thanks to the carotene and retinol contained in carrots, the fresh vegetable helps cope with dry face. In addition to these properties, carrots contain vitamins that fight swelling and inflammation, reducing the number of swollen capillaries that form spider veins on the face.

To prepare a carrot mask, you should:

  1. Grate fresh carrots as finely as possible, you can use a blender.
  2. Mix it with cosmetic or natural oil for dry skin and with egg white for oily skin.
  3. The mask should be kept on the face for no more than 15 minutes to avoid turning the skin orange.

Oatmeal mask

An old recipe made from oatmeal will help you get rid of flaking skin on your face and even out its tone. Oatmeal, in addition to its whitening properties, serves as an active ingredient for making scrubs at home. Since the flakes are quite dry and remove excess moisture from the skin, they should be mixed with other moisturizing ingredients.

Fatty dairy products are suitable for this, for example:

  • high percentage sour cream;
  • kefir;
  • cottage cheese.

The main thing is that the other ingredients contain enough fat and have viscous properties to hold the ground oatmeal on the face.

For example:

  1. Before making the mask, oatmeal should be ground in a coffee grinder to a powder.
  2. Then, in a separate bowl, mix with the second ingredient.
  3. You can keep the mask on your face for a long time without fear of getting an unwanted reaction; you should start with 30 minutes. for 1 time.

If the second ingredient is lemon or clay (for oily skin), the mask should be washed off after 15 minutes.

Glycerin based mask

Many different cosmetics, hand creams, soaps, and even dishwashing detergents are made from glycerin. And all because glycerin has a cleansing effect, moisturizing the epidermis, and for flaky skin, this is the main property.

However, when preparing a mask, glycerin must be diluted 1:10 and not used in a room with a humidity of more than 45% - this will create the opposite effect, evaporating the liquid from the skin.

A glycerin-based face mask for dry skin can be prepared with the addition of olive oil or vegetable oil; liquid honey is also suitable. For 100 g of oil add 10 g of glycerin. The mask is applied for 15-20 minutes. then washed off with warm water.

Curd mask

Cottage cheese, like carrots, contains carotene and retinol (vitamins A and PP), which help moisturize the skin. The dairy product contains collagen, on the basis of which anti-aging masks and injections are made.

Therefore, a curd mask not only helps prevent skin flaking, but also provides a rejuvenating effect. Cottage cheese does not need to be mixed with other ingredients. The only thing worth considering is the fat percentage.


  • for normal skin 3-9%;
  • for oily skin, you should choose a product less than 3%;
  • for dry – more than 9%.

Apply the mask once a week.

Apple-honey mask

The combination of apple and honey is, first of all, a combination of vitamin C, iron and a bactericidal base. The vitamins contained in apples saturate the skin with oxygen, optimizing metabolism, and honey, having wound-healing properties, promotes rapid restoration of the skin from microcracks. Honey, however, should be floral.

To prepare the mask, grate half an apple and mix the apple porridge with honey until it becomes viscous and sticks to the skin. Leave the mask for 20-25 minutes. then wash your face with warm water.

Olive-oat mask

Cleansing your face with oatmeal is an effective homemade scrub that polishes the skin from rough scales and helps evaporate excess moisture and oil. In other words, oats in their pure form should not be applied to dry skin; they should be mixed with another, oilier ingredient.

Unlike regular vegetable oil, olive oil contains monounsaturated fats, which have a beneficial effect on the epidermis without irritating it.

To do this you need:

  1. To prepare the mask, you should grind the oatmeal until it becomes flour or at least semolina. To do this, you can use a rolling pin or coffee grinder.
  2. Then mix the resulting powder with olive oil to the consistency of thick sour cream.
  3. The composition should be left on the face for 20 minutes, after which wash the face with warm water.

Cleansing the skin with bread and milk

Millet, from which flour is ground and then bread is baked, has a wide range of vitamins B, E and various amino acids, the main function of which is to improve skin health. In order for a face mask made from bread crumbs to be effective for problems with flaking skin, you should give preference to white bread.

Black and rye bread are used for oily skin.

To prepare bread for the mask, it should be broken into pieces and softened in unpasteurized milk. If the consistency is not stable enough for maxi, you can add premium flour. Apply the mask to previously prepared cleansed skin for 15-20 minutes.

Facial cleansing with milk and oil

Fresh village milk, which is most suitable for nourishing the skin, contains protein, calcium and other vitamins that restore keratinized, flaky skin. A combination of milk with vegetable or olive oil is used for dry skin to activate the sebaceous glands.

A milk mask is how you can get rid of flaking skin.

Milk for the mask should be of medium or low fat content, up to 3%; the rest of the fat content of the mask is provided by butter. Then milk is mixed with oil 1:2 and applied in a thin layer to the skin of the face. Leave for 20 minutes, then wash your face with warm water.

Mint compress

Mint leaves, which are collected in June-July, contain carotene - the most important ingredient for skin rejuvenation, optimizing cellular metabolism, vitamin C - which relieves inflammation of the walls of blood vessels, vitamin B9 - which stimulates cell regeneration and other substances that have whitening and wound-healing properties.

A mint compress is used to cleanse the skin. It is prepared simply - mint leaves are crushed with a masher in a bowl, and the resulting pulp is applied to the face. Mint can be mixed with honey, eggs, chamomile, etc.

Mint lemon cream

Vitamin C contained in lemon primarily helps to optimize blood circulation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels. In addition, lemon juice brightens the skin, which is especially important for people with increased pigmentation. If you make a face cream from lemon and mint, you will get a recipe that stimulates the production of collagen, which restores dead skin.

To prepare the cream you will need 3 ingredients:

  • mint leaves;
  • lemon;
  • baby cream

Fresh mint leaves are pounded with a masher, lemon slices are also crushed into porridge, after removing the grains and peel. The resulting mixture is mixed with baby cream. The recipe is ready and should be stored in the refrigerator.

Linden decoction for peeling

Linden flowers, from which bees extract honey, have a whole range of substances beneficial for the skin. However, when it comes to helping dry, flaky skin, the secret of linden lies in the polysaccharides that can retain moisture in the skin's pores.

Daily washing with linden decoction replaces artificial tonics for cleansing the face thanks to the same polysaccharides that activate macrophages that protect the skin from external influences.

Linden decoction is prepared in boiling water. For this, 1 tbsp. l. linden flowers are steamed in 0.5 liters of boiling water and left to infuse for an hour. Next, the decoction, filtered through a strainer, is applied to the skin using cotton wool.

Flax seed mask

Alphalinoleic acid is the same component in flax seeds that helps moisturize the skin. In addition to this effect, flaxseeds cope with inflammatory processes on the skin (pimples, blackheads) and, thanks to vitamin K1, whiten the skin.

A mask made from flaxseeds, or more precisely from the mucus they secrete, is made in its pure form, that is, only from the seeds, and with the addition of various components.

To extract mucus from seeds, you need to pour 1 tsp. 1/3 cup boiling water and leave to steep for 5 hours. The resulting mucus should be rubbed onto your face in several layers. Once the mask dries, wash your face with warm water.

Pumpkin mask

The moisturizing effect of a pumpkin mask is achieved due to the starch contained in the vegetable, which smoothes dead skin. In addition to this component, pumpkin contains vitamin B2, which reduces inflammation, and B1, which creates a protective layer against ultraviolet radiation.

To prepare a pumpkin mask, you should take a fresh vegetable, about 200 g, grate it until pureed, and mix it with olive or vegetable oil until creamy. The mixture is applied in a thin layer to the face using a sponge and left for 20 minutes.

St. John's wort oil

The main effect that St. John's wort oil has on the body is to soothe the skin, mucous membranes and have a bactericidal effect. When applying oil to flaky facial skin, not only a moisturizing effect is achieved, as with any oil, but a wound healing effect.

If your skin has small cracks or inflamed acne, rubbing your face with St. John's wort oil will speed up the healing process.

The oil of a flower is collected from its stem at the moment of flowering. By pressing the collected fresh stems, you obtain oil that is ready for local use in its fresh form. Apply a thin layer of oil to the face and allow it to be completely absorbed. It is not necessary to wash your face after this if there is no excess substance.

Grape mask

Grapes, as a seasonal berry, can replace lemons and apples as a face mask. It, like other sour berries and fruits, contains vitamin C, which helps strengthen blood vessels, and therefore speeds up metabolism, vitamin A, which promotes cell regeneration, and potassium, which is a moisturizing component for flaky skin.

To create a grape mask, you should take a sprig of fresh berries, grind them to a porridge, mix with egg yolk and leave on your face for 20 minutes. You can add honey or almond oil to the mask, this will make the mask more nutritious.

Internal causes of skin peeling:

  • One of the most common “internal” causes of flaky skin is allergies. As a rule, it manifests itself in the form of redness, itching and peeling. Allergens can enter the body or act through direct contact. If you suddenly experience severe irritation, remember what unusual products or materials you have encountered recently.
  • Also, peeling of the skin on the face can be caused by chronic skin diseases: dermatitis, ichthyosis, eczema, lichen. To diagnose and select treatment, you must consult a doctor.
  • But often peeling is caused by a general weakening of the body. To improve the condition of the skin, it is necessary to compensate for the lack of vitamins A, B, E and F.

How to moisturize your skin after peeling

Since peeling is a fairly aggressive polishing procedure, it is completely normal for the skin to begin to react in the form of peeling on the 2-3rd day. Especially when deep peeling was performed in the salon, removing a significant layer of the epidermis.

On days 1-2, cosmetologists do not recommend even touching the skin, going outside, and even more so using any cosmetics. Only on day 3 can you soften the skin with a product based on hyaluronic acid.

A mask of their grape seeds, shea butter or fatty acids that are found in products of animal origin (pork lard, lamb fat) and vegetable (palm oil, soybean) have also proven to work well.

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How to treat peeling facial skin?


It is important to treat peeling facial skin comprehensively, under the supervision of a qualified cosmetologist. Even a moisturizer should be selected by a specialist, taking into account the characteristics of a woman’s skin.

In most cases, peeling is caused by improper skin care. Following the advice will help reduce the risk of peeling:

  • Use natural cosmetics to eliminate flaking skin.
  • If you wash your face with toner in the morning, be sure to moisturize your face with cream in the afternoon.
  • Water for washing should be mineral.
  • It is recommended to exfoliate before applying the cream.
  • It is also recommended to massage your face before applying moisturizer.


If dry and flaky skin is caused by a lack of certain minerals or vitamins, it is important to replenish their deficiency:

  • Vitamin A . With its deficiency in the skin, the process of desquamation and dehydration accelerates.
  • Vitamin B3 (PP). Nicotinic acid is contained in various enzymes that are part of tissues. This substance is responsible for the metabolism of nitrogen, carbohydrates and lipids. With a significant lack of vitamin B3, pellagra (rough skin) appears, cracks appear on the integument, excessive rigidity and additional infection of the skin.
  • Vitamin B6. If this vitamin is contained in insufficient quantities, amino acid metabolism deteriorates. A lack of vitamin B6 can trigger the formation of dermatitis.
  • Vitamin B7 . Responsible for metabolic processes in the body and plays a major role in collagen synthesis. With a lack of this vitamin, the skin of the eyelids, wings of the nose, and chin begins to peel.
  • Vitamin B2 . With a lack of this vitamin, metabolism in the tissues of the epidermis may worsen. The skin begins to dry and peel.
  • Vitamin E. This element is responsible for oxidation in cells. If the body does not have enough of this microelement, toxins accelerate the drying process of the skin.

Most often, vitamin deficiency develops due to poor quality nutrition, strict diets and alcoholism. Sometimes temporary peeling of the skin occurs due to the use of certain medications.


It is imperative to select a scrub for flaking skin according to your skin type and pay special attention to the composition of the products.

  • For oily skin, clay-based scrubs are suitable. This cleansing will free the skin of dead cells, remove excess fat, and tighten pores.
  • The main scrub for dry skin should be a high-quality cream. The product moisturizes the skin. helps restore water balance, nourishes the skin with beneficial substances.
  • For normal and combination skin, it is recommended to choose a gel as a scrub base. The product will help remove excess keratinized particles and complement the care with nutrition and hydration.

It is recommended to do exfoliation procedures no more than 1-2 times a week. If you cleanse your skin more often, microcracks may appear on your face, your skin will become thinner and dry out.

Homemade face masks will be an effective addition to scrubs for exfoliating your skin. Honey, banana, egg, cucumber, curd, apricot and cream masks will help cope with peeling.

And to prevent the appearance of peeling, it is important to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Drink up to 2 liters of water during the day. It is important that the body does not experience a lack of fluid.
  2. Before going outside, you need to lubricate your face with a nourishing cream that will protect your skin from negative environmental factors.
  3. Do not overdo it when using cosmetics.
  4. Be sure to replace plain soap with a special cleanser with a high fat content. It is better if this product contains a moisturizer.
  5. In winter, it is better to give preference to oil-based creams. It is also important to eat more fruits, vegetables and vitamins.

Home care tips for flaky skin

Getting rid of peeling depends on the cause of its occurrence. If the culprits were cosmetics, tonics containing alcohol, or cheap drying cosmetics, they must be replaced with ones that are suitable for your skin type. Makeup can be removed from the face with baby cream or oil-based products.

Next, you need to stop washing your face with running tap water, especially if it is hot. Heavy substances, chlorine, zinc and other elements contained in running water have an aggressive effect on the skin; just look at the residue that tap water leaves in the kettle.

For washing, it is better to use chamomile infusion or filtered water at room temperature.

You also need to reconsider your diet. People who are particularly keen on diets exclude from their diet fatty foods and various vitamins contained in animal products, which negatively affects the skin, hair, nails and gums in the first place.

If it is not possible to change the diet, and due to any diseases the diet must be lean, then the skin should be treated with ordinary fat or natural vegetable or butter. Remove residues with a napkin; this compensates for the lack of your own fat under the skin without entering the main metabolism.

Cosmetics "La-Cri" - help with flaky skin on the face!

The La-Cri series of products is designed specifically for delicate and sensitive skin prone to irritation. All products in this line are based on natural ingredients without dyes or fragrances and are suitable for long-term use.

La-Cri cleansing gel delicately cleanses and soothes flaky facial skin. Derivatives of olive and avocado oils nourish, and licorice and walnut extracts heal microcracks.

La-Cri cream helps with allergic reactions and severe peeling of the facial skin. Its main active ingredients are extracts of string, violet, avocado and walnut, which nourish the skin and promote its restoration.

Light emulsion “La-Cri” is suitable for constant care of even the most delicate skin, providing daily hydration and preventing flaking.

How to moisturize sensitive skin before going out into the cold

The main reason for the epidermis to dry out in the cold is frozen moisture on the skin, which injures its upper layer. Natural fat is not enough to protect the skin from precipitation, so you should choose creams with a thicker base.

But they are not suitable for people with oily skin and only cause acne. For oily skin, creams with unsaturated fatty acids are suitable.

In addition, during the cold season you should:

  • before going out into the cold, it is better to apply a cream with vitamins E and D, as well as vitamin K, to the skin if there are problems with the formation of spider veins on the face;
  • exclude hot showers from your daily regimen - the hotter the water, the more it dries the skin;
  • drink as much water as possible – water optimizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands under the skin;

  • do not use peeling, lifting procedures and other aggressive methods of influencing the skin in winter;
  • avoid skin cleansing tonics containing alcohol, so as not to dry out your face even more;
  • replace drying cosmetics with oilier ones.

Removing facial skin from peeling is a fairly long process if we are talking about a permanent effect . It is necessary to stock up on time and patience so that the metabolism in the tissues is rebuilt, the body is healed and renewed. The main thing is to follow all the recommendations indicated in the article regularly and approach the problem comprehensively.

Article design: Anna Vinnitskaya

Clinical researches

The effectiveness, safety and tolerability of La-Cri products have been clinically proven. The products are recommended by the Union of Pediatricians of Russia. During clinical studies, specialists were able to record excellent results. It has been empirically proven that La Cree emulsion moisturizes and nourishes the skin, relieves itching and irritation.


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Causes of dry skin in winter

Low temperatures have a detrimental effect on the upper layer of the epidermis. The water-salt balance of the skin is disrupted. The skin produces cytokines that increase sensitivity and thicken it. The glands produce less sebum and the lipid protective layer is disrupted. Sudden temperature changes slow down the skin's production of elastin, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. Without proper care, the skin becomes dry, rough, acquires a grayish-earthy tint, peeling, and microcracks appear.

The reasons for the deterioration of skin condition are not only winter temperature changes! Dry air in an apartment with central heating, poor ventilation of rooms, untreated air conditioning (which is often used for additional heating). The dangers for the appearance of inflammatory foci on the skin in an apartment are no less than in the fresh air.

Another problem for the skin is created by hot water in combination with aggressive cleansers. Aggressive cosmetics will do more harm than good.

And of course food. In winter, the body receives a huge load, resisting the cold. He needs help maintaining his immunity. A light, fortified diet will support the skin and the body as a whole.

Frost and facial skin: consequences of contact

To understand how frost affects the skin of the face, you need to understand the structural features of skin cells and blood microcirculation.

Depending on the ambient temperature, blood vessels expand or contract, providing optimal thermoregulation. During frost, they narrow to reduce heat loss from the body. If at room temperature the blood flow rate is approximately 200 ml/sec, then when the temperature drops below zero these figures decrease to 50 ml/sec. It is because of this that the skin becomes pale and bluish after frost.

The epidermis is deprived of its own vessels, and is heated by the vascular network of the deeper layer of the skin - the dermis, so on frosty days the vessels have to alternately narrow and expand in order to prevent frostbite of the epidermis. Cytokines, molecules produced by skin cells, are responsible for the effectiveness of vascular contraction and dilation. These substances also take part in protecting the skin from excessive moisture loss. If there are disruptions in the regulation and production of cytokines, during the frosty months the skin flakes and becomes excessively dry.

Ceramides, lipid molecules that make up the cell membrane, also take part in the processes of thermoregulation and protection of the skin from moisture loss. Like cytokines, they protect cells from excess moisture loss in cold weather. If the skin is damaged by wind or frost, the amount of ceramides is reduced, which leads to excessive dryness and flaking.

As you can see, disturbances in blood microcirculation and disruptions in the functioning of skin cells can lead to paleness or redness of the skin from frost, dryness and flaking.

Homemade face masks

For adherents of traditional methods of combating dry skin, we can offer several options for face masks that you can easily prepare at home.

With potatoes and cream

Boil the potatoes in their skins, mash and add a couple of tablespoons of heavy cream. Apply the warm mixture to your face and leave until completely cool. You can add a small amount of flaxseed oil and one yolk to the mixture. The result will be more effective. This mask moisturizes and softens the skin. After cooling, rinse and apply nourishing cream.

Mask with honey

Take honey and milk in equal proportions. Warm it up a little and apply to your face. Leave for 10-15 minutes, rinse with warm water or herbal infusion and apply moisturizer. Honey will perfectly restore the skin.

Oatmeal mask

Pour some oatmeal with hot milk and leave for five minutes. When the flakes swell, add a teaspoon each of honey and flaxseed or olive oil. After mixing, apply to facial skin and keep for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse with herbal infusion or mineral water and apply a light moisturizer.

Banana mask

Using banana as a mask will surprise you with the results. Mash one banana, add a teaspoon of honey and a spoonful of yogurt without sugar or additives. Mix and apply to facial skin for 15 minutes. Rinse with herbal infusion and moisturize with a light cream.

Thick sour cream mask

The simplest and most affordable mask. There is no need to add anything. The sour cream mask lasts 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm herbal solution or mineral water.

Be careful when choosing pharmaceutical products for dry skin. An abundance of pharmaceutical drugs will not solve your problem, but will only make it worse if they are chosen incorrectly. Purchase medications at the pharmacy after consultation with a specialist who will select the complex individually.

No frost will cause trouble to your skin if you give it proper attention!

Should I use moisturizer in cold weather?

Yes! Refusal of moisturizers in winter leads to dehydration of the skin, which is exposed to the destructive effects of dry air, wind, cold and temperature changes. The skin becomes tight, dull and rough, and oily skin becomes even more greasy due to loss of moisture. Winter day cream should contain vitamins and vegetable oils. Among others, you should choose those products in which protective and nutritional components predominate over moisturizing ones. To moisturize the skin in winter, you should give preference to creams that contain Shea Butter ( Shea butter ), Avocado Oil ( avocado oil ), Tocopherol ( vitamin E ).

Skin peeling from frost: what to do to prevent it?

If the skin peels off from frost, and not from an allergy to cold, there is no need to prescribe special treatment. It is enough to follow the above recommendations, ensure sufficient hydration, nutrition and cleansing of the skin.

To cope with peeling skin from frost, you can use La-Cri products:

  • Intensive cream for dry skin provides effective nutrition and protection, fights irritation, peeling and microcracks.
  • Lip balm provides reliable protection for thin and dry lip skin, eliminates flaking and cracking.

La-Cri skin care products include natural ingredients, plant extracts, vitamins and oils that make the skin soft, elastic and healthy.

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