Basics of self-care for girls aged 15-19 - how to properly care for their skin during adolescence and adolescence?

15-19 years old is a wonderful age when girls can enjoy natural beauty and youth without much effort.
However, this does not mean that you can give up on skin care and mask the problems that arise with a “ton” of cosmetics. The beauty and health calendar will tell you what facial and body care consists of, with what regularity certain procedures should be done, and which manipulations are completely contraindicated in adolescence.

Features of the skin of girls 15-19 years old: age-related problems

“The face of young girls is beautiful and does not require care” - only grown ladies say this, for whom age-related pimples seem like a funny problem compared to the constant struggle against aging. However, the rate of appearance of wrinkles begins at a young age and is explained by improper care - or its complete absence. And pimples for a young person are a huge problem, provoking ridicule from peers and psychological discomfort.

Important! Initially, you need to tune in to the positive and cultivate self-love. Ideal skin condition and overall appearance can be achieved by strictly following a beauty calendar , taking into account age and existing skin problems.

Changing hormonal levels do not have the best effect on the skin.


“I want to become beautiful!” - this is what every girl tells herself, but desires without action will not lead you to results. If this thought begins to visit you often, then you urgently need to make psychological adjustments.

First, carry out an exercise with writing out disadvantages and advantages, as described in the previous paragraph.

Secondly, for every bad thought about yourself, urgently find at least three advantages, learn to compliment yourself.

Beautiful clothes, fashionable shoes, expensive jewelry, cosmetics are not beauty, but a tool for expressing your personality. Think about how to become beautiful at 12 years old without makeup? This means that you need to pay attention to hygiene, beautiful speech, education, nutrition, a healthy lifestyle, physical activity, and spiritual harmony. Watch a beauty contest and you will see that it is not enough to be beautiful, you need to be smart and witty, and be able to express your individuality.

Facial care at 15 years old - and a little older - primarily takes into account skin type:

  • Normal - only a few teenagers, who can be called lucky, have it.
  • Dry - constant peeling and increased sensitivity to any changes (allergies to cosmetics, windy weather, etc.) do not add attractiveness.
  • Oily - the face, shiny from excessive sebum secretion, looks unkempt; against this background, comedones and pimples appear at breakneck speed.
  • Combined - most common among the younger generation and is characterized by flaky skin on the forehead/cheeks and oily sheen in the T-zone (nose, chin, middle forehead).

With improper care, the natural beauty of 16 years old fades against the background of problems that arise: acne, enlarged pores and blackheads (comedones). Squeezing out “troubles” only aggravates the problem and leads to the appearance of bluish spots, scars and pigmentation.

Add to this greasy hair, chipped nail polish and the inability to do makeup - you get an unflattering picture and low self-esteem for the owner of the “charms”.

However, the matter can be corrected even in advanced cases: you just need to know how to properly care for yourself .

How can a teenage girl be beautiful by enhancing her personality?

Encourage your daughter to smile regularly

The more often she does this, the better others will treat her. Also, the lady will need to regularly take care of her teeth. Clean them. Use dental floss. And also rinse.

In this case, the teenage girl will have beautiful white teeth. Accordingly, a smile will bring pleasure to the young lady. And to those around you too.

A girl should be confident

A young lady must be self-confident. High self-esteem is an excellent attribute for a girl. For the reason that it will attract people to itself in a similar way. And make them want to actively communicate with her.

The young lady should be proud of herself and refuse criticism

Explain to your daughter that she is an amazing person. Which, moreover, is individual. And unique. Encourage the young lady to believe in herself. And under no circumstances should you criticize yourself. Thanks to such actions, a teenage girl will show others that she feels great in the process of life. And that others need to be friends with her.

To maintain beauty at 15 years old, we offer a list of basic self-care points:

  1. Daily morning care - washing, brushing teeth, showering and intimate hygiene, using facial toner and applying moisturizer and sunscreen.
  2. Daily evening skin care at 17 years old - careful removal of makeup (every day, and laziness has nothing to do with it!), shower, application of a nourishing product (no later than 19-20 hours) on the face, neck and hands.
  3. Once every 2-3 days - a mask according to your skin type, a nourishing hair mask, shaving your legs, armpits and intimate area.
  4. Once a week - manicure (cuticle removal and nail filing, polish changed as needed), eyebrow shaping, heel treatment, and a relaxing bath will improve your well-being.
  5. Once a month - visit the hairdresser and dye the hair roots (roots that have grown by 2 cm look ugly), hair removal.

The feminine beauty calendar applies to all girls, however, the characteristics of adolescence require compliance with the following recommendations.


  • Hair should be washed as it gets dirty, at least once every few days.
  • Shampoo is selected according to hair type.
  • The main hair problem for young ladies is dandruff. Moreover, often even shampoos labeled “anti-dandruff” do not cope with the task. There is a solution - buying antifungal shampoos (Nizoral, etc.) at the pharmacy.
  • Using a professional hair dryer (power from 1800 W) at home, as well as frequent use of straightening irons, will lead to split ends and lifeless hair color. For care at 16 years old, it is better to use household hair dryers (1500 W), and only occasionally - irons.
  • A hairstyle secured with strong hold hairspray looks like a helmet and is terrifying in windy weather.
  • You should wash your hair every time you use hairspray.

How can a girl be beautiful with the right style?

Choose a haircut for a girl

Go to the hairdresser with your daughter and choose some popular haircut. Its length can be any. The main thing is that the uniform is fashionable. And the teenage girl really liked it.

You can find out the appropriate haircut option from your hairdresser. Or, you can spy on it on the Internet. At the same time, we recommend making an easy-to-use hairstyle. So that the girl spends a minimum amount of time caring for her in the morning.

Recommend that your teenage girl use a lotion that has a delicious scent

Recommend using it instead of perfume. Scented lotion is the best option for younger teenage girls. You can start using perfume around the age of 17-18. Until this time, lotion will be enough.


To make a girl look well-groomed, it is not necessary to resort to expensive and painful procedures. Just following the rules of skin care can get rid of most problems.

Young skin requires cleansing, moisturizing, toning and protection from the negative effects of sunlight.

Among the following recommendations, girls will find many interesting ideas for skin care at 16-18 years old:

  • Rough scrubs are not used at a young age. For washing, gels (without large abrasive particles), special milk, and, in extreme cases, fragrance-free baby soap are recommended. Daily washing with ground oatmeal will not only gently cleanse your face, but will also slightly lighten freckles and even out your skin tone (there will be no need for foundation).
  • Mattifying wipes will help remove oily shine and maintain makeup throughout the day.
  • Refreshing sprays with thermal and micellar water will help perfectly moisturize your skin in the summer.
  • Caring for oily skin at the age of 18 excludes heavy (oily-based) creams. They should be replaced with special serums and water-based products.
  • Dry skin does not tolerate rough treatment at all: scrubs and peels. Use light moisturizers labeled “for sensitive skin” twice daily.

Combination skin is the most difficult to care for. Anyone with this skin type should acquire products for both oily and dry skin.

Getting rid of acne

To combat acne, special products are used (medicinal, not masking!).

  • A spot-on application of tar soap foam (for about 1 hour) or applying aspirin softened in water is an excellent way to quickly relieve inflammation.
  • Acne with oily skin can be easily corrected by daily wiping the face with 2% salicylic alcohol (sold in a pharmacy, costs a penny). Skin treatment should be done twice a day after washing.
  • Facial treatments for 17 years old, combined with dietary correction (avoiding fatty foods, eliminating sweets and soda) and taking multivitamins containing zinc, will help cope with hated pimples in just 1 month.

Important! If proper facial skin care at 16-18 years of age and nutritional correction do not get rid of acne within 2 months, you should consult a dermatologist.

In such cases, the doctor prescribes a study of liver function, hormonal levels and recommends an analysis for demodicosis (a disease caused by skin mites).

Wednesday. Day three

We take care of our hands and nails. The procedure can be carried out while relaxing, sitting in front of the TV. Surely you do your manicure at home? Before your manicure, take a handful of granulated sugar, mix with liquid soap and wash your hands thoroughly. After such a scrub, dip your hands in warm water, to which honey and milk have been added, and hold until the water cools down. Further along the well-worn path:

  1. Use a nail file to give your nails the desired shape;
  2. hand massage with rich cream;
  3. apply nourishing oil to your nails;
  4. wait and put on special gloves.

In this form, you can finish watching your favorite movie, and you can also sleep with gloves on.

  1. Folk remedies help to take care of your hands and nails - carrots, grated on a fine grater and poured with vegetable oil. Wait for the mixture to infuse and rub into your hands. After the procedure, do not wash your hands.
  2. Lemon juice and vitamin A help strengthen your nails by dropping a drop of the resulting composition onto each nail and rubbing thoroughly to penetrate under the nail plate. You will notice how your nails gradually become stronger and stop peeling.

When caring for your hands, do not forget about your elbows, which often become a cause of concern for many women, as darkened, rough, slightly rough skin appears. Folk remedies will help put everything in order - a mask based on glycerin (60 grams), to which add 1 tsp. ammonia. Apply the resulting composition to your elbows and rinse with warm water after 15 minutes.

Cosmetics and makeup

Almost all girls emphasize their beauty at the age of 17 with makeup. Decorative cosmetics help to emphasize individuality and make beneficial accents.

In order to learn how to use cosmetics, there are a huge number of videos.

Basic recommendations for applying makeup and facial care at 18 years old:

  • Choose only high-quality cosmetics. Experimenting with cosmetic products of questionable quality can result in allergies and worsening skin problems.
  • Covering pimples with a thick layer further accentuates the attention to skin imperfections. Acne should be treated, not covered up.
  • Light foundations (BB and CC creams) are used.
  • Sun protection is always necessary. In summer, creams with an SPF of 30 or more are used; in winter, the UV factor is slightly lower.
  • Dark lipstick on a young face looks terrible and noticeably ages you (It doesn’t make you look older). Enjoy your youth!
  • Wash sponges and sponges once a week. Monitor the expiration date of the products used.
  • The main thing in makeup is naturalness. No-makeup makeup looks cute, fresh and always appropriate.


The most important thing is that clothes should be clean and neat. Tights with hooks, a stretched turtleneck, a blouse with a greasy collar will negate all your efforts on the path to beauty and success, making you look cheap and sloppy. Take the time to keep your wardrobe in order.

How to dress is up to you. The task of clothing, like makeup, is to hide flaws and highlight advantages. Choose a style that suits your external and internal needs. Youth is a time of experimentation. Experiment, have fun with it, create your own style. But don't get carried away. First, learn the basics of the style, and then fill it out using this base. There are many sites on the Internet about style. A little life hack: most of them offer several lessons for free, and then invite you to pay for training. These introductory lessons will be enough for you to formulate your idea of ​​style and decide.

And finally. You are greeted by your clothes, but seen off by your mind. No matter how good you look, if there is an “evil thorn” hidden under your appearance, it will be difficult to become successful and make friends. Treat others the way you want to be treated, they will appreciate it. Good luck.

Facial skin care at 17 years old categorically excludes the following cosmetic procedures:

  • Using anti-wrinkle creams - do not interfere with unformed hormonal levels.
  • Scrubs and chemical peels quickly “wear out” the skin. Dermabrasion is only indicated for cases of refractory acne.
  • Manual massage is useless, because the skin tone is already normal. Massage oils promote the formation of comedones.
  • Vacuum massage - in adolescence leads to the formation of stretch marks and untimely loss of skin elasticity.
  • Injections of youth - Botox, hyaluronic acid, without a doubt, are unnecessary in facial care at 16 years old.

We offer well-proven brands of teenage cosmetics:

  • Neutrogena is a hypoallergenic, water-based skincare product that is easily absorbed and does not clog pores.
  • Sephora - inexpensive cosmetics made from medicinal plants includes a line of tonics and creams specifically for teenage skin.
  • Clarins - lotions and creams designed for problem skin of teenagers.
  • Clinique is a well-known brand of skin care products without harmful fragrances. Lines have been developed for all skin types.
  • Urban Decay - teenage cosmetics for every taste. Helps create natural and bolder makeup.

Every girl strives to have an attractive, well-groomed appearance. However, teenagers often need professional help. A facial care calendar and a little daily effort will help you have healthy, glowing skin—and look great in any situation. website thanks you for taking the time to get acquainted with our materials! It is very pleasant and important for us to know that our efforts are noticed. Please share your impressions of what you read with our readers in the comments!


Don't rely on stereotypes. The most successful actresses and models are those who have an appearance with a twist. Julia Roberts's too big mouth, Kim Kardashian's outstanding butt, and Barbra Streisand's less-than-ideal appearance did not stop them. Being close to the standard is not a guarantee of success.

Evaluate yourself impartially. Choose a hairstyle that suits your appearance, select makeup, create your own image - and all the disadvantages of your appearance will fade into the background, and the advantages will become noticeable. Just don't overdo it. The desire for individuality that has become an obsession can look funny. And don't do something that will stay forever. Dying your hair green is probably better to do it at fifteen than at twenty-five. But it is better to refrain from tattoos and piercings. Moreover, the modern industry offers a lot of temporary options.

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