Yellow peeling Time code - deep regeneration of aging skin

Research laboratories around the world are actively searching for new components and formulas to combat time. Natural aging mechanisms are stopped with the help of various creams, serums and, of course, peelings. Retinoic or yellow has soft, delicate exfoliating properties, popular among young women to give the skin freshness, elasticity. But even after 40, cosmetologists recommend the procedure due to its excellent anti-aging effect. As a result of the removal of dead cells, oxygen respiration is restored and tissue elasticity increases.

The composition based on retinols starts regeneration processes, blocks melanin synthesis, and the skin acquires an even, matte color. Prescribed in the autumn-winter period, it allows you to prepare the skin for solar activity, and is a prevention of photoaging. Yellow peeling time code penetrates into the superficial and middle layers; controlled exposure helps prevent side effects. The line includes an entire program aimed at maximizing the preservation of youthful, fresh skin.

General description of peeling

Experts from the Expertise International laboratory create innovative cosmetic products. Chemical peels from the Spanish brand do not require the use of a neutralizer; the delicate action of acids does not injure the skin, preventing complications. The procedure is distinguished by a short rehabilitation period; after recovery, a lasting, long-lasting effect is observed. The line of peelings includes TimeCode Light and TimeCodeBasic. The first are superficial exfoliants, the composition includes lactic, ferulic, and lactic acid.

Prescribed for mild photoaging, sensitive skin prone to dryness and irritation, and for the prevention of aging processes. TimeCodeBasic contains phytic, mandelic, salicylic acid, retinol, arbutin. The effect on the middle layers of the skin allows you to cope with severe hyperpigmentation, scars, acne marks, increased oiliness, superficial wrinkles, and sagging skin.

You can purchase yellow peeling in stores that sell products for professional cosmetologists. You can buy retinoic peeling for superficial effects 10 ml for 3,000 rubles, 30 ml for 6,200 rubles. The product for median exfoliation TimeCodeBasic 10 ml can be purchased for 4,000 rubles, 30 ml costs 11,500 rubles. The program also includes post-peeling creams, which allow you to prolong the effect of the procedure. You can buy regenerating cream 50 ml for 4,000 rubles. Peeling products are consumed economically in 1 session, from 5 to 10 ml are used.

Composition of TimeCodeBasic:

  • mandelic acid 25% gently cleanses sensitive, irritated dermis, helps reduce the number of wrinkles, eliminates hyperpigmentation;
  • arbutin 4% natural component has whitening properties, blocks melanin synthesis, allows you to achieve an even skin tone;
  • phytic acid 1% has a slight lifting effect, improves blood flow, strengthens thin capillaries;
  • salicylic acid 2% tightens pores, eliminates oily shine and acne marks, normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands;
  • retinol 2% has a rejuvenating effect, stimulates cell renewal, promotes collagen synthesis, and reduces the number of wrinkles.

Line overview

The line includes several peelings with a pronounced therapeutic effect: TimeCode Peelayer BASIC and TimeCode Peelayer LIGHT.

The manufacturer also produces products for skin care after the procedure: TimeCode Recovery Cream and TimeCode RST Cream.

Peeling products

TimeCode Peelayer Basic

Combats the problem of photoaging (moderate and severe), hyperpigmentation, effectively eliminates post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, lentigo and scars.

It is used in the treatment of acne, helps normalize the functioning of the sebaceous glands, cleanses and tightens pores.


  • 25% Mandelic, 1% phytic, 2% salicylic acid;
  • Arbutin 4%;
  • Vitamin A 2%.

Buyanov Sergey Yurievich (Expert Doctor):

The main component for skin whitening is arbutin, a close relative of carbolic acid (bleach). It is due to the action of arbutin that the effect of discoloration of areas of the facial skin that are pigmented for one reason or another occurs.

The peeling is available in a plastic tube with a screw cap of 10 and 30 ml. The color of the composition is rich yellow, the consistency is liquid. The aroma is quite pronounced, with a cosmetic scent. The price for 10 ml is 4,500-4,600 rubles; 30 ml - 12,500 rubles.

TimeCode Peelayer Light

This peeling corrects changes in the epidermis with mild to moderate photoaging, evens out the complexion, and gives tone. The product prepares the dermis for medium and deep peels, and also prevents premature aging.

Ingredients: 25% Almond, 20% Lactic, 10% Phytic acid.

The packaging format is a dark glass bottle of 10 and 30 ml. The drug itself is transparent and liquid. Has a distinct chemical smell. Cost: 3,500 rubles for a small volume and 6,600 rubles for a large volume.

Peeling care products

Recovery Cream

The cream is intended to complete the professional peeling procedure, used in post-peeling home care or as an independent preparation.


  • Phytic, glycyrrhizic acids 1%;
  • Vitamin A 1%;
  • Butcher's broom 1%;
  • Vitamin E 1%;
  • Gingko biloba 0.5%;
  • White mulberry 0.5%.

Buyanov Sergey Yurievich (Expert Doctor):

Glycyrrhizic acid, which is found in licorice root, has an antiviral effect when applied topically. That is why it is used in the treatment of herpes zoster. In addition, it has a moderate immunomodulatory effect.

It has a vascular strengthening, restoring, nourishing and moisturizing effect. Reduces the intensity of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, soothes irritated dermis, relieves swelling and hyperemia.

Release form: soft plastic tube with a flip-top cap, volume 50 ml. The consistency of the cream is medium thick, the color is white, the aroma is neutral. The price varies between 3,400-3,600 rubles.

RST Cream

The cream supports and prolongs the results of professional peeling, has a keratolytic effect, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, launches cellular regeneration processes, providing comprehensive rejuvenation.

Fights hyperpigmentation, blocks excess melanin synthesis, preventing the appearance of new age spots.


  • Glycolic acid 5%;
  • Lactic, lactobionic, acids 3%;
  • Grape seed extract 3%;
  • Mandelic acid 2%;
  • Sodium hyaluronate 2%;
  • Arbutin 2 Retinol 1%;
  • Vitamin E 1%.

The cream is packaged in a soft plastic tube with a flip-top lid. Volume - 50 ml. The consistency is medium thick, the color is white, the aroma is unobtrusive. You can buy the drug for 4,800 rubles.

Indications for use

Yellow peeling is a gentle procedure with a short recovery period. Can be used from the age of 18 to improve the condition of oily dermis, combat acne and post-acne.

After 30 years, the course will stop the passage of time, preventing the formation of wrinkles. As a result, the face looks well-groomed, renewed, the relief and structure of the skin is restored.


  • signs of photo and chronoaging;
  • lentigo;
  • scars, marks after acne;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • decreased elasticity, sagging;
  • oily skin;
  • enlarged pores, bumpy relief;
  • actinic keratosis.

What is peeling

The Timecode series of peeling products was developed by employees of the Spanish company Laboratorio Expertisse International together with dermatologists and cosmetologists.

The new Peelayer formula does not require neutralization, minimally injures the skin, and provides an easy and short recovery period. In addition, the components of the drugs interact and complement each other throughout the course, which makes it possible to solve a variety of dermatological problems.

Indications for use:

  • various degrees of photoaging, physiological and premature aging;
  • hyperpigmentation, inflammation, lentigo;
  • solar keratosis;
  • acne, post-acne;
  • scarring;
  • increased oiliness of facial skin;
  • enlarged pores;
  • uneven color;
  • preparation for deeper peels and maintaining the therapeutic effect after them.

Peeling effectiveness

After exfoliation, it is possible to improve the condition of porous, dense skin, restore a smooth structure, and improve color. The program against photo and chronoaging is effective, the elasticity of the integument increases, and the networks of wrinkles are smoothed out. Thanks to the launch of cell renewal, blood flow accelerates, nutrition and breathing processes are normalized. The face looks well-groomed, rested, pigmentation and acne marks disappear, scars become less noticeable.

Yellow peeling effect:

  • skin tone is evened out;
  • inflammation and redness disappear;
  • pores narrow;
  • wrinkles are smoothed out;
  • pronounced lifting is observed.

For a pronounced lasting result, it is necessary to undergo a course of procedures. Cosmetologists conduct 2 sessions with an interval of 3 months, and if there are indications, a third session is also performed. Professional care includes the use of a line from the Spanish brand, which includes regenerating and sunscreen creams.

Is it possible to do the procedure yourself?

Professional series retinol peels are often underestimated and are used for cosmetic care at home. The mild effect of active ingredients will not lead to side effects and complications only in the hands of professionals.

Superficial-medium exfoliation should be supervised by a trained professional. Only a specialist can assess the condition of the skin and prescribe optimal procedures for improving and restoring tissue.

Also, during the test, the exposure time will be determined, depending on the individual reaction to the components of the composition.

At home, post-peeling care is carried out, including the use of restorative and sunscreen creams. Completing a comprehensive program will ensure that you achieve the desired effect of flawless, radiant skin.


Advantages of the TIMECODE line


A new formula for chemical exfoliation (peeling) of the skin, which does not require neutralization, the compositions of which are selected in such a way as to work with various problems and complement each other in the course of procedures

Saving time and money

Considering that peelers do not require neutralization and are simply washed off with water, this reduces the procedure time and eliminates the need to purchase additional products

Ease of use

Pileers are presented in 2 types for superficial (formula TIMECODE PILEER LIGHT

), superficial-median and median impact (formula

Short product line

Only 4 products (2 peelers and 2 homemade creams) will perfectly complement your existing line of peelings and injection procedures, helping to expand the range of services provided

Wide range of indications


are aimed at solving the problem of acne, post-acne, age-related skin changes, hyperpigmentation, oily skin, and also, due to their unique composition, help prepare the skin for other aesthetic procedures

For beginners and experienced professionals

Both peelers are available in a small volume (for 3-5 procedures), which is always convenient when there is a small flow of patients or when starting to work with the product, as well as in a larger volume (for 9-15 procedures), which is much more profitable when working frequently with the product

Comfortable post-procedure period

Special restorative cream TIMECODE RECOVERY

used as the final stage of the procedure and home care product

Unique home care

Thanks to the cream TIMECODE PCT

, Your patient will be able to maintain the result after peeling, prepare the skin at home for fractional laser rejuvenation, medium or medium-deep peeling, the use of mesothreads, radio wave or infrared lifting

Adapt the protocol for any patient

Developed protocols for the combined use of TIMECODE RECOVERY

in home care allow you to choose an individual recipe for any skin type

Preparatory stage

During the consultation, the doctor assesses the condition of the integument and takes an anamnesis to exclude possible contraindications. Previously performed peelings or other cosmetic procedures are also taken into account, in which it is better to postpone the procedure until the skin is completely restored. You may need to see specialists and take tests. The composition must be tested for an allergic reaction.

It is necessary to follow a number of rules to prepare the skin for exfoliation:

  • For several weeks, using skincare cosmetics with fruit acids allows you to increase the effectiveness of the upcoming peeling; the choice of line is best left to a specialist who takes into account the objectives of the procedure and the patient’s skin type;
  • it is necessary to postpone a cosmetic session when taking hormonal drugs, as well as when treating with drugs containing retinol;
  • for aged, dry, sensitive dermis, it is recommended to undergo a course of mesotherapy or biorevitalization; an integrated approach will ensure a pronounced result of rejuvenation and skin restoration;
  • before the procedure, the doctor may recommend antiviral drugs, especially for patients with frequent manifestations of herpes;
  • During the week you cannot visit the sauna, beach, solarium, gym, or drink alcohol;
  • You should stop using comedogenic cosmetics.

Retinol peels have a superficial-medium effect.

Attention! The procedure is not recommended for summer; solar activity can lead to side effects, including hyperpigmentation. Experts advise prescribing from October to March, protecting the skin from the influence of solar activity.

How does the procedure work?

Yellow peeling is carried out in a cosmetology office by a cosmetologist. Only an experienced and qualified specialist will help prevent the occurrence of side effects and complications.

The duration of the procedure depends on the predicted aesthetic goals; after completion, the patient can go home.

Stages when teaching the TimeCodeBasic course for the first time:

  1. The face is cleansed using a delicate Cleansear product, then the skin is degreased with tonic.
  2. Apply a thin layer along the massage lines of TimeCodeBasic peeling using cotton swabs or a brush.
  3. The composition lasts from 30 minutes to 4 hours, the duration of the session depends on the condition of the skin, individual characteristics, as well as exfoliation tasks. The patient may feel a tingling, slight burning sensation.
  4. The face is cleansed with soft foam and warm water.
  5. TimeCode Recovery regenerating nourishing cream is applied, which contains retinol, tocopherol, phytic acid, gingko biloba, and white mulberry.

To eliminate pronounced scars, with varying degrees of photoaging, as well as for patients with dense, porous skin, it is recommended to undergo a course of more intense exposure after the previous protocol.

Steps to reapply TimeCodeBasic:

  1. The face is cleansed with Cleansear foam, and the skin is disinfected.
  2. TimeCodeLight is applied in a thin layer using a brush or applicator.
  3. Then TimeCodeBasic is applied to the skin, exposure time is from 30 minutes to 4 hours.
  4. At the last stage, the peeling composition is washed off with water or using soft foam. To speed up recovery, TimeCode Recovery cream is used.

Peeling Timecode (time code): reviews

All of humanity has been trying for centuries to find the key to eternal youth, beauty and health. In recent decades, a large number of pharmaceutical research laboratories have been trying to find the best composition for creams and serums to keep the skin young for a longer period.

The pharmaceutical laboratory Expertise International has been developing new formulas used in pharmacology and aesthetic medicine for decades.

The creation of a new branded cosmetics called Timecode allowed us to launch new products on the market that are innovative in the aesthetic medicine market. In addition, this product line contains only the most necessary components that do not harm the skin.

Peeling has recently become quite a fashionable and popular procedure. Cleansing the skin makes the appearance more attractive, fresh and aesthetic. Peeling represents a small burn of the skin, allowing it to renew itself, use all its hidden reserves and improve its condition.

Timecode peeling

This peel is a new line of products that exfoliates the skin without further neutralization, which is required by other peeling products. Time Code has in its line a large number of drugs that affect various skin problems. In addition, the drugs prepare the skin for other procedures.

BASIC enhances skin regeneration, promotes its renewal, and enhances the susceptibility of other procedures.

Time code contains several protocols. All drugs have a wide range of drugs.

Protocol No. 1

Time code products are divided into products for professional and home use.

Indications for use:
  • photoaging;
  • loss of vitality and former tone;
  • maintaining youthful skin;
  • preparatory stage before deep peeling.

Protocol No. 2

This stage is also aimed at eliminating photoaging, improving complexion, and increasing skin tone.
The product is also excellent as a preventive measure. In addition, this protocol is a preparatory stage before the deep peeling procedure. Unlike the first protocol, it operates more deeply. If the skin is sensitive, it reduces the possibility of erythema.

Protocol No. 3

Indications for use:
  • photoaging;
  • loss of vitality and former tone;
  • maintaining youthful skin;
  • preparatory stage before deep peeling.

Unlike stage number two, it acts more deeply. For sensitive skin, minimizes the chance of erythema. Protocol 3 is used for rough and porous skin; this protocol is also used by those who have already completed the first two protocols and want to enhance the effect obtained from their influence.

Protocol No. 4

Indications for use:
  • scars on the skin;
  • oily skin;
  • acne, pigmentation;
  • severe degree of aging.

The protocol is applied in the same way as all other protocols. And it requires the same home care.

Protocol No. 5

Indications for use:
  • scars on the skin;
  • oily skin;
  • acne, pigmentation;
  • severe degree of aging.

The protocol differs from protocol 4 in that it is used for rougher and more porous skin. The protocol is applied in the same way as all other protocols. And it requires the same home care.

Composition of protocols

All protocols contain acids, extracts, and oils necessary for the skin. Some acids are produced in the body, so they are easily tolerated and perceived. The skin is renewed quite quickly with classic peeling.

A huge advantage of these protocols is that Time Code does not require neutralization. This makes these protocols more gentle. The recovery period takes up to 4 days.

Time code peels are best used in a full line of products. The protocols do not require special knowledge when applied. All procedures are carried out according to instructions.

The Time Code line not only helps make the peeling procedure ideal, but also takes care of the skin after peeling.

Time code improves the structure of the skin, raising its tone to a new level. Renewed cells are able to regenerate and divide faster. Collagen and elastin fibers are renewed. These fibers are responsible for the oval of the face.

Microcirculation in the vessels is improved, and the appearance of the skin depends on quality blood circulation. Special acid components can also improve cell architecture.

How to use:

  • the skin is cleansed with a mild product and degreased;
  • Using a brush and applicator, apply a layer of Time Code Light. The product should remain on the prepared skin for three to five minutes. This time is determined by the cosmetologist depending on the condition of the skin and the desired effect achieved;
  • the product is washed off the skin with water or a cleanser;
  • Next, nourishing and moisturizing Time Code cream is applied to the skin. The cream will soothe the skin, remove it from a stressful state, and promote rapid recovery. After the procedure, the cream must be used for three or five days, at least five or six times a day.

During home care you must:

  • continue to use the nourishing and moisturizing cream for three or four days, five or six times a day;
  • in order not to lose the acquired effect and maintain the achieved result of the professional procedure, Time Code cream is used in the evenings for two months;
  • During the procedure, as well as after it, regular use of sunscreen 50+ is necessary, and exposure to direct sunlight should be limited.

Course of treatment protocols

Five procedures are a standard course. The interval should be 1-2 weeks. During the course, as well as for a month after the procedures, you must use a cream with a degree of sun protection of 50+. It is also necessary to limit exposure to direct sunlight.

All procedures must be performed by an experienced cosmetologist. It is better not to conduct such experiments on your own at home.

Contraindications for procedures

  • pregnancy;
  • allergic skin reaction;
  • severe inflammatory processes;
  • any dermatological diseases.

Code of youth

The scientists who invented the line of time code peels conducted research on skin samples of different ages and types for many years. The samples were artificially made old and the components included in the peeling were tested on them. After many tests, skin reactions and its condition after a certain time were identified. After a lot of time and research, the composition of the protocols was patented and now shows the best results.


Many cosmetologists tried it on themselves before launching a line of this product. Some cosmetologists note that working with peeling on the skin does not cause discomfort. The procedure is very tolerable. Peeling has a classic shape. That is, the skin peels off like after a burn. At first it peels off, then crusts over, hardens and gradually falls off. New, renewed skin appears in place of the old skin.

Some cosmetologists note dissatisfaction with peeling. Since a burning sensation occurs, the face remains red for 4-5 days. The skin peels off very painfully. It is difficult to speak because the skin is dry and stretched. In addition, some note that the procedure does not give the desired result. Acne may return and small pimples may appear on the skin.

Many girls complain that they heard rave reviews, but the peeling caused trouble. This is due to the wrong choice of a cosmetologist. Therefore, choose the right cosmetologist who will prescribe the right peeling and select it according to your skin type and the desired result.

What is enzyme peeling, what is written and said about it, read here.

Healing period

After the procedure, redness and swelling are possible, but the discomfort signs quickly disappear. Over the course of several days, peeling is observed, the epithelium separates, and the skin is completely restored within a week. These are symptoms of the healing process and are normal. To prevent complications and consolidate the effect, you must follow the recommendations of the cosmetologist:

  • limit touching the skin, do not use decorative cosmetics until healing;
  • the skin is cleansed with soft foam from a professional line without abrasive particles;
  • during the first 4 days, the skin is treated with TimeCode Recovery cream 5-6 times a day;
  • after complete healing, use TimeCode RST cream for 2 months 2–5 times a week;
  • During the peeling course, as well as for 3 months after its completion, Megablock HSP SPF 50 sunscreen is used;
  • you cannot visit the sauna, swimming pool, or gym until the skin is completely restored;
  • restrictions on sun exposure after a course of peelings are determined by a cosmetologist, depending on the individual characteristics of the patient’s skin.

Customer Reviews

Many women who have experienced Basic Peeling therapy also leave positive reviews about Timecode.

“As a lover of all kinds of cosmetic manipulations, I couldn’t deny myself the pleasure of trying this new product. The next day after the initial application, the skin began to peel off in small flakes. I think the regeneration process will go quickly, I’m satisfied!”

“I prepare an analogue of Timecode myself at home. For this you need:

  • soda;
  • retinoic ointment;
  • glycolic cream;
  • moisturizing cream;
  • water.

The main thing is not to overdo it with the ingredients and apply the product in a thin layer so as not to harm the sensitive epithelium. At the end, rinse thoroughly with water and treat with cream.”

“I used TIMECODE RST CREAM for six months, the result exceeded expectations. In addition to abundant nutrition and hydration of the dry type of dermis, wrinkles became less prominent, less expressive, and dark circles under the eyes disappeared. The manufacturer recommends this product against hyperpigmentation!”

“I had never heard of retinol procedures until I tried the Timecode brand retinol peeling. Despite the reasonable cost (about 4,000 rubles), the results are effective and last a long time. 4 procedures were enough for me to get rid of age spots and crow’s feet under my eyes.”

“I was dissatisfied with the peeling because the skin turned red, burning and irritation began. The peeling process also caused a lot of discomfort; the face seemed tight and dry. I couldn’t solve the problems with this peeling, so I don’t recommend it.”

“The first visit to the cosmetologist also affected me with redness and discomfort. After I changed the specialist, I got rid of acne with yellow peeling. It is also noteworthy that after the procedure there is a short recovery period.”

“Timecode peelings have a good composition that has never caused an allergy. The components interact perfectly with any facial care cosmetics. I would especially like to note this company’s homemade line of creams with a prolonged action system. If you clean in the summer, you must apply sunscreen for 2-3 months. To avoid becoming a victim of scammers, buy cosmetics from trusted cosmetologists or order on the manufacturer’s official website.”

How much does the procedure cost in salons?

The yellow peeling procedure can be performed in many aesthetic medicine salons and clinics. The price varies from 3500 rub. up to 6,000 rubles, determined depending on the individual characteristics of the patient.

Additional restorative masks, creams, and hardware procedures may be required to enhance the effect of the procedure.

The main feature of professional peeling is determining the individual needs of the patient’s skin. Only an experienced specialist can assess the condition of the skin and prescribe the optimal program. It is difficult to correct aesthetic problems at home. It is not recommended to use the TimeCode series on your own; there is a high risk of complications, hypersensitivity, burns, and scars.

Precautionary measures

Yellow peeling is a gentle type of exfoliation, but in rare cases there are possible complications. Side effects may be associated with a violation of the protocol or non-compliance with the rules of the rehabilitation period by the patient. The procedure, from the preparation stage to full recovery, must be carried out under the supervision of an experienced, qualified specialist. The healing period lasts no more than a week; if the discomfort signs do not go away, you should consult a doctor.


  • irritation, hypersensitivity of the integument;
  • activation of inflammatory processes;
  • increased secretion of glands;
  • redness;
  • microcracks;
  • pigmentation
  • scarring;
  • burns.

There are a number of contraindications for which the procedure cannot be performed:

  • planning period, pregnancy, lactation;
  • individual intolerance;
  • taking retinoids, antibacterial drugs;
  • oncology;
  • liver pathologies;
  • dermatological diseases;
  • viral infections;
  • photosensitivity, fresh tan.

Time code peelings are classified as superficial-medium; cosmetologists do not recommend taking the course in the spring and summer due to high solar activity. The best time for cosmetic procedures is considered to be late autumn and winter.

Advantages and disadvantages

Retinol peeling is usually prescribed to patients over 35 years of age to accelerate skin renewal and rejuvenation processes. It can be performed from the age of 18 on oily skin types with enlarged pores, scars, and acne marks.

The program is prescribed by an experienced cosmetologist after assessing the condition of the skin. The patient should know what advantages and disadvantages the procedure includes.


  • collagen synthesis is activated, rejuvenation processes are launched;
  • manages to solve a whole range of aesthetic problems;
  • suitable for sensitive skin;
  • the course consists of only 2 procedures;
  • reduced risks of complications;
  • the effect lasts from 4 to 6 months;
  • short recovery period;
  • combined with various invasive and hardware procedures.


  • the procedure is carried out in a cosmetology salon by an experienced specialist;
  • requires preparation and care during the recovery period;
  • high price.

Dermatime presented a line of golden yellow peeling, which, in addition to retinol, contains plant extracts and vitamin E. It is prescribed for use in the presence of wrinkles, scars, the appearance of sagging, decreased tone, and acne. The preparations are intended for use by cosmetologists after completing training. As a result, metabolic processes are activated, toxins and oxidants are eliminated, and the number of folds is reduced. Blood flow and the functions of the lymphatic drainage system are normalized, and the contour of the oval is tightened.

Martinex created a peeling based on 5% retinoic acid, which blocks the aging process. Thanks to the balanced formula, a lasting effect is noticeable after the first session. Used to eliminate wrinkles, scars, and acne marks. Normalizes the condition of oily skin, reduces lipid synthesis.

Operating principle and effectiveness

The Timecode product was developed by specialists from the Spanish laboratory Expertise International, who distinguish peeling by its diverse effects, minimal risk of injury, and short recovery period for the skin. Based on the brand name (“time code”), the emphasis is on preserving youth and preventing aging.

The action of exfoliants is aimed at deep cleansing of the skin, eliminating dead cells, maintaining skin tone and elasticity. Basic exfoliants contain lactic, mandelic, and ferulic acids, which ensure softness and delicacy of cleansing the dermis.

Basic peeling compositions in the Timecode Player line are medium-impact peels that remove dead skin cells in the epidermal layers, the effectiveness of which is confirmed by reviews from cosmetologists and dermatologists. It is the acids that promote loyal, and most importantly, safe cell coagulation.

These lines are relevant in eliminating the following problems:

  • pigmentation;
  • acne;
  • greasy gloss;
  • enlarged pores;
  • black dots;
  • lentigo.

In addition to solving these problems, Timecode products help prepare the face for many cosmetic procedures.

Opinion of cosmetologists

Professionals discuss the features of working with Spanish peelings Time Code.

The cosmetologist experienced the effect of the compositions on himself. No painful sensations were observed, but increased separation of the epithelium was noted.

The specialist writes that the manufacturer does not indicate the occurrence of peeling, but in practice, large plastic detachment of keratinized cells is observed. After 2 procedures, a good lifting effect is noticeable.

Patient reviews

On the Internet there are mostly positive opinions after yellow peeling.

The review indicates a good effect after the procedure, elasticity and tightening of the skin.

The user writes about the need to take into account seasonality and depth of impact.

The participant writes that despite the good results, it should not be used during pregnancy planning due to the toxicity of vitamin A.

The user describes the consequences of an unsuccessful procedure and correction methods.

Features of the method

The main components of yellow peeling compositions are retinoids. These are synthetically created analogues of vitamin A, which have a milder effect on the skin and, unlike acids, do not destroy proteins. The method is a superficial type of facial peeling, but the result obtained is similar to the average one.

After the procedure the following is observed:

  • activation of metabolic processes at the cellular level;
  • stimulation of the synthesis of the intercellular matrix and epidermal lipids;
  • normalization of the production of collagen and elastin fibers;
  • slowing down age-related changes in the skin;
  • reduction in the number of atypical cells;
  • improvement of skin texture and relief;
  • lightening pigment spots;
  • antioxidant effect;
  • rejuvenation.
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