Medical cosmetology / Viral skin diseases
[td] Viral skin diseases: causes, classification Herpes Herpes zoster (herpes zoster) Warts Condylomas Contagious
Ringworm in humans - how to recognize, what are the symptoms and how to treat
Ringworm is an inflammatory disease of the skin and its appendages of a fungal nature. Etiology
Folk recipes
Why do acne appear and how to get rid of them?
What is acne? Acne is a rash that appears on the skin. These are symptoms of a disease called
Wart removal
Removing warts surgically: how does it work?
Preparing for wart removal At the initial appointment, the doctor examines the patient and assesses his condition
What do black stripes on nails signal? Treatment and prevention of the problem
When black stripes appear on the nails, it is necessary to determine the cause in order to eliminate the unpleasant defect. Nails
Egg white face mask: the best recipes you can prepare at home
Egg white has a very valuable composition, so it has found its use in skin care,
How to get rid of acne using a series
The series is known as a highly effective anti-inflammatory, wound-healing, sedative, and antiallergic agent. It is widely used for treatment
silicone breast augmentation
Which implants to choose - round or anatomical?
Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular services of plastic surgeons, because
Your own cosmetologist: basic procedures at home
Read in this article: Advantages of home hardware cosmetology Contraindications to procedures Facial care
Bodyaga masks: folk wisdom in modern cosmetology
Nowadays, many different salon procedures and products have been created to help fight skin imperfections. But
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